Bug Off Lotion 

with Natural Sun Screen 

Our infamous "must have" natural bug Repellent lotion from Our Luxury Lotion Formulation,  Nourishes with a natural SPF of  15 protects from the sun as it repels bugs, contains a proprietary blend of Essential Oils. Use everyday as your skin care regiment when while enjoying the outdoors.   $9.95  for 8 oz

               Doggie Breath Spray 

Love your dog, but not their breath?  Our Natural Essential Oils team up with Neem oil to help clean breath instantly and fight plaque when used  regualarly.           $6.95 2 oz

Bug Off Spray

Spray your clothing skin, kids & pets with this natural repellent.  Tested, tried and true for 20 years, a must have for outdoor living. 

 $ 5.95 for 4 oz.